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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Dhampur Pincode / Post Office Search (BIJNOR, Uttar Pradesh)

Akhera B.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Alaidadpur Mubarak B.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Amkhera Sanjarpur B.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Asgaripur B.O 246727DhampurUttar Pradesh
Athai Sheikh B.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Bagwara B.O 246745DhampurUttar Pradesh
Bairmabad Garhi B.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Bakshanpur B.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Begrajpur B.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Bhanauti B.O 246747DhampurUttar Pradesh
Bhogpur B.O 246735DhampurUttar Pradesh
Budhanpur B.O 246746DhampurUttar Pradesh
Daultabad B.O 246746DhampurUttar Pradesh
Dhakka Karamchand B.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Dhampur H.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Habibwala B.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Haldua Mafi B.O 246745DhampurUttar Pradesh
Haraivli B.O 246747DhampurUttar Pradesh
Harganpur Sajauli B.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Jamalpur Kirat B.O 246735DhampurUttar Pradesh
Kasampur Garhi B.O 246722DhampurUttar Pradesh
Khaspura S.O 246738DhampurUttar Pradesh
Kiwar B.O 246745DhampurUttar Pradesh
Kolasagar B.O 246735DhampurUttar Pradesh
Lodhipur Milak B.O 246727DhampurUttar Pradesh
Mahua B.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Manjhola Billoch B.O 246727DhampurUttar Pradesh
Mankuaa B.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Manpurshivpuri B.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Maqsoodpur B.O 246745DhampurUttar Pradesh
Maujampur Suraj B.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Mauri Kedarpur B.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Mauzampur Jaitra B.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Meharlipur B.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Mehmoodpur B.O 246745DhampurUttar Pradesh
Mewa Nawada B.O 246745DhampurUttar Pradesh
Milak Mukeempur B.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Milak Puranpur B.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Mirzapur B.O 246747DhampurUttar Pradesh
Mirzapur Khader B.O 246725DhampurUttar Pradesh
Mohammedpur Kamil B.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Morna B.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Mukarabpuri B.O 246746DhampurUttar Pradesh
Nagli Pathwari B.O 246727DhampurUttar Pradesh
Nakibpur Khajoori B.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Narayan Kheri B.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Nasirpur Banwari B.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Nawada Kesho B.O 246746DhampurUttar Pradesh
Neendru B.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Nehtaur S.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Nwadasaidpur Jalal B.O 246747DhampurUttar Pradesh
Padli Basera B.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Palanpur B.O 246746DhampurUttar Pradesh
Phoolsanda B.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Pipalsana B.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Rahu Nagli S.O 246737DhampurUttar Pradesh
Raja-ka-tajpur S.O 246735DhampurUttar Pradesh
Rampur Bidar B.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Sabdalpur B.O 246735DhampurUttar Pradesh
Sadafal B.O 246746DhampurUttar Pradesh
Sadaranpur B.O 246745DhampurUttar Pradesh
Sadruddin Nagar B.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Sahaspur S.O (Bijnor) 246745DhampurUttar Pradesh
Sarkara Chakrajmal B.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Sedha B.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Seohara S.O 246746DhampurUttar Pradesh
Shahzadpur B.O 246747DhampurUttar Pradesh
Sherkot S.O 246747DhampurUttar Pradesh
Sherpur Balla B.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Sikri Buzurg B.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Sipahiwala B.O 246746DhampurUttar Pradesh
Taharpur Said B.O 246733DhampurUttar Pradesh
Tibri B.O 246761DhampurUttar Pradesh
Udaipur B.O 246722DhampurUttar Pradesh